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Trumark Homes co-founders Michael Maples and Gregg Nelson traveled abroad extensively and saw firsthand the immense need for clean drinking water. The scope of need was overwhelming, but Michael and Gregg became determined to help fulfill the necessity of clean water through homebuilding in the U.S.

Their determination to help others led to an ongoing Trumark commitment to donate new wells from the proceeds from our new homes. By choosing a Trumark home, you help sustain this vital flow.

The quality of water is the quality of life. — Sir Peter Blake

Charity: water, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to bringing clean water wells to developing countries worldwide. 100% of donations from private donors, foundations and sponsors like Trumark go directly to the task of building muchneeded wells. For more than 800 million people around the world, charity: water’s commitment is literally life giving.

For details on charity: water, please visit

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